Greenwatch Trust Launched No More Trash Project

The effect and the problems that trash had on the world is widespread and increasing constantly. It has a great impact to the people and the environment.
Since the collapse of central government, Somalia have not had any proper functioning system towards waste management.

Unfortunately, our community haven’t received any education and awareness towards environmental issues.

Greenwatch trust which is local NGO who works on environmental issues launched an enormous project named “No more trash” in Mogadishu. The project comprises of Environmental education and awareness as told by Eng. Abdifatah  Hared the Executive Director and founder of Greenwatch Trust.

The first phase of this project was benefited by the nursery and elementary pupils at Amal school. The opening ceremony was held at the Peace Park in Mogadishu on Sunday morning from 14th January 2018. During the event, the children were given lessons towards the negative impact that trash and waste had on environment and the best way to prevent. In addition, the children had successfully answered the questions about the lesson they have learnt.

Furthermore, the event has so many activities like, a storytelling on environmental protection, Competition for 1st place to 3th place, competition and fun games for children. Eventually, the project is still in the beginning process and it will be transferred to the students in primary, secondary and high schools. And it will also be delivered university students and so on.