Our History

About green watch trust

Greenwatch Trust was founded 2015 by citizens who have a commitment to fulfil the constitutional obligation of protecting the environment; coasts, forests, wildlife, wetlands and rivers. We believe that all sections of the society need to be sensitized to the need to protect and conserve our natural wealth and resources. Greenwatch Trust involves the community members to create a healthy environment. Somalia has been a victim of environmental degradation for so many years since there are no strict policies governing environmental conservation due to the unstable and volatile situation of government. This has made it difficult to set out policies governing environmental conservation especially in the Southern part where deforestation is taking place for black gold (Charcoal) and also toxic wastes dumped along the coastline threatening marine life. Environment protection is a responsibility of the whole society and an obligation of every citizen; it must be conducted consistently on the basis of clear accountability of ministries and agencies as well as decentralization between central and local levels; the role of communities and mass organizations should be brought into play and the cooperation with other countries in the region and the world enhanced in environmental Conservation. As humans, the environment-the Earth-is our home. It is where we live, breathe, eat, raise our children, etc. Our entire life support system is dependent on the well-being of all of the species living on earth. The environment forms the Food Chain, the Eco-system and the Natural Beauty for the well being of people. All of the environmental problems that exist have far-reaching implications for the health of our planet and its inhabitants. For example, global warming, Soil erosion, deforestation among others. It’s these motivating factors that led to the formation of Greenwatch Trust to address and advocate for environmental protection for the future generation through environmental Education and advocacy.