About Us

Greenwatch Trust was founded to be deeply committed to ensuring the protection of the ecology and the environment. The organization is within the framework of international conventions, laws and regulations, and is committed to pass down a beautiful and rich earth to the next generation through promotion and creation of a society that enjoys sustainable development. GWT involves the community members to create a healthy environment
Efforts of GWT in environmental protection include Environmental Education, Climate Change, Tree planting and Agro-forestry, livelihood and advocacy. Environment protection is vital to human beings; The Strategy on Environment Protection is an indispensable component of the Socio-economic Development Strategy and the Sustainable Development Strategy; environment protection must facilitate sustainable development to meet demands of current generations while preserving potentials and opportunities for future generations; investment in environment protection is the investment in sustainable development. GWT’s role in environmental protection is channelled to the following outcomes
  1. Increase the knowledge of the local community;
  2. Increase the proactive participation of community members for future conservation programs.
  3. Protect the natural resources through the collective effort of all the community members.
  4. GWT has established a seedling plant nursery for free distribution to communities in order to promote reforestation and forestation.