Vision, Mission and Values

Vision statement

To leave a sustainable planet for the future generations

Mission statement

To achieve a sustainable environmental management through education and advocacy


• Mutual respect: recognizing the innate dignity and worth of all people and value of diversity in
conservation of the environment.
• Equity and Justice: The GWT framework of activities ensures that everyone – irrespective of sex,
age, race, colour, class and religion – has equal opportunity for expressing and utilising their
potential in conserving the environment.
• Honesty and Transparency: GWT focuses on empowering Community Members and evaluating
their accountability for the effectiveness of Environmental Conservation in regard to judgements
and communications with others.
• Solidarity in Environmental Conservation: GWT is focused on commitment to the interests of
natural conservation with Courage of conviction, requiring to be creative and radical, without Greenwatch Trust fear of failure, in pursuit of the highest possible impact on the causes of environmental