Training Workshop for youth in Climate Actions in Mogadishu

The Role of youth in climate action training workshop took places in Java Hall, Istanbul Hotel on 16th August. The Director of Climate Change of Directorate of Environment office of the prime minister of Somalia, Mr. Abdisamad Dirie officially opened the training workshop. The training brought together officials from the government institutions, NGO’s, education umbrellas, universities, civil society, and students as well as youth and experts in the field.

The first session of the training workshop, all the participants were given explicit explanation of the training workshop Objectives and adoption of the agenda and also they listened County Climate Change Status in Regulatory framework and commitments presented by Mr Abdisamad H.Dirie the Director of Department of Climate Change of Directorate of Environment – OPM. Additionally, they were given a presentation on Climate change and Ecosystems threats, Opportunities and Solutions presented by Najib Ahmed from Ministry of Water and Energy, and then they shared the Feedback about Questions and answers based what they learned from the training.

On the second session, the training workshop continued and participants were given explicit explanation of the overview on Role of youth in climate change Movements, youth and environment IPCC climate report 2021 – the physical science basis and. They were briefed the lessons learned from the previous planning. Finally, the participants were divided into groups with a particular focus on the three thematic areas namely; creating youth participation to address climate change, Youth responsibilities in climate action and How key elements of the complexity that enhance climate adaptation can be supported.

The target trainee of this training workshop was youth advocators, NGO’s, education umbrellas, universities, students and civil society, as well as youth experts in the field of sector environment and development.

The Greenwatch Trust team present the Terms of Reference of the climate action, supplemented by presentations from different guests, the Directorate of Environment form the Benadir Region Administration Ministry of Youth & Sports Government of Somalia.

About 50 participants were 20% are female dominated from various institutions, universities and environment organizations in Mogadishu are attended Invitations and information were managed by the Greenwatch Trust. Youth and Environmental activists from 17 districts of Banadir region were also participated in the training workshop.   The work undertaken with and by youth is crucial to raise ambition to organize training for Somalia with bigger number and different states, Greenwatch Trust is to train 10,000 youth in across the country and 35% of them are women. Also to delivery awareness massages through media 1000000 people across the county in the end of 2022.

More efforts must be made to ensure that youth are ready to take advantage of new environment oriented. Growing attention to climate change and sustainable development offers a chance for green economic growth around the world.
GreenWatch Trust also by enhancing the youth an outlet to contribute directly to the fight against climate change by through effective participatory approach will enhance the country adaptation and mitigation strategy.