Greenwatch Trust launched Green School Programme.

The Project was designed to make the schools green, So that Somali students will have a green environment that is clean and attractive.

The main aim is to raise awareness towards protecting the environment and giving lessons about environment.

The project was benefited its opening  Yassin Osman primary school students.

The school has got the opportunity to be planted about one-hundred trees by Greenwatch Trust. The program was consisting of Health education, water sanitation, hygiene, planting trees, arts,  games and other activities.
The Students were participating activities like clean up the school.
In addition, there was competitions like an eco-arts craft have been conducted to encourage the creativity of the students.
Our goal is to reach 24 schools at Benadir districts, with an average of 1400 students. Each school will be planted about 50 trees and 50 shade trees.
The main aim of the green schools programme is to have trees or shadows where the students they can rest and escape from the sunlight. Furthermore, to have fruits with nutrients they can eat from the trees while they are staying at their schools.
Eventually, all the students that are participated the program has welcomed and appreciated.